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Now thru October



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Need not be present to win

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  • Seedling tree order information

  • Preparing trees for winter

  • Conservation Easements

  • and more!

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  • If you are a Uinta County livestock owner or manager, stop by the Conservation District Office in Lyman to pick one up.

  • Redbooks are pocket-sized books used by livestock owners to keep record of herd and grazing information.

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  • Now continuing thru October

  • Click 'learn more' below to see links to resources!

  • Print out bingo paper, complete 5 activities in a row

  • Bring your bingo sheet and nature creations in for a prize

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  • Tickets available at our office, stop by to get yours

  • Donate $25.00 for your chance to win - Polaris Mid 570SP, Gas Grill

  • Only 800 tickets will be sold

  • Drawing to be held Nov 14; need not be present to win

  • Are you interested in pressing plants, flowers, or leaves?

  • UCCD has a Plant check-out kit available for public use

  • Loaded with plant resources, books, keys, maps, etc

  • Large plant press (12x18"), Small plant presses (3x5")

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  • Wyoming State Statutes require developers of all subdivisions to obtain a review regarding soil suitability for various urban uses, erosion control, flooding hazards, and sedimentation. UCCD is responsible for all Uinta County subdivision reviews.

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  • Home composting is an excellent way to save money on trash disposal by recycling organic kitchen & garden waste into a useful soil amendment that can benefit your lawn and garden. UCCD encourages home composting. Check out the resources!

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